How to Reach Your Promised Land

Words of Kaeris

The fact of the matter is that reading the Word all day, spending time with God, i.e. gathering our daily bread amounts to nothing if we don’t eat.

And by eat I mean do something with the Word.

In Exodus, this doing is eating. The Israelites were given as much manna as they could take, and if they did not eat that very day, the manna would rot by the next. See, storing up manna had no purpose, as the manna was to be eaten every single day.

Eat Your Manna

The manna was Christ and Christ is the Word, the bread of heaven. We can gather as much of him as we can all day. We can memorize all the scriptures, sing all the Psalms, but if we don’t bring forth the Word into reality by action, all is for naught.

For you and me, this doing can be a…

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