Son Flowers and Seeds

Sometimes when we hear of more bad news our hearts and minds are stunned into admitting that we simply have “no words.” for this. I think if we are wise, unless we are physically  present, and not just  viewing from the side-lines, rather than saying too much, we should take those same “no words” and perhaps turn them into our prayer?

David in Psalm 13:1, wasn’t afraid to ask “How long O Lord, how long will you hide your face from me?” Of course to then leap from the questions asked, to his utterance in verse 5… “But I trust in your unfailing love…I will sing for He has been good to me,” takes , in my opinion, much courage and faith.

Father, today as we come with our “no words” would you please bring an understanding of your peace, and a knowing of your unfailing love. For every…

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