Being Single and a Christian…

Daniel Gutfeld

There are quite a few “norms” when it comes to being a Christian single. I’ve struggled with being a Christian for almost twenty years now. I’d struggled being single for about fifteen of those years, only in the last three (mostly) have I found the struggle seemingly nonexistent. I say seemingly, for the reason I’ve studied the topic with purpose during this time.
As a young Christian in my teenage years, like many, I read “I kissed Dating Goodbye.” At the time my take-away from it was just reflection on what it meant to “date” as a Christian. Suffice to say it wasn’t very helpful, and as it stands now I wouldn’t recommend the book. Not that the main point of his argument–purposeful “dating” i.e. the end result being marriage–is what I am against, just that from what I recall it was confusing and led me to believe dating was…

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