Direct Access

Daily Thankful

This verse from Hebrews 4 is one of my favorites:

God wants us to approach Him with reverential boldness anytime we have a need (which is always, for me!). Why is it, though, that I hesitate? I certainly share my concerns and desires with the Lord, but I’m can’t necessarily say that my petitions have always been characterized by boldness. Why is this so?

Dear Lord, thank You for bringing this issue to my attention. What a privilege it is to havedirect access to You at any time; therefore, I can set all of my cares and concerns before You, and boldly invite You to intervene in my circumstances in a way that only You can.

Regardless of the outcome, I am grateful that You freely and immediately dispatch Your mercy and grace to me as I wait for You to act – right when I need them the…

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