Guide in the Wasteland

I walk the desolate wastes,

The wasteland is vast all around.

No shade can be found in this desert,

In this hot expanse, there is no shelter.

My heart thirsts for water,

Living water my soul requires.

Where can I find a spring in this waste,

In this desert, can I find the living fountain?

Then I hear His voice,

The words of God speak into my ears.

“Follow me,” the Almighty declares,

The Lord instructs me to come with Him.

But how can I know if He knows the way,

How can I be sure He’s leading me to salvation?

Then I remember the times that He helped me,

The moments He saved me return to my mind.

If He delivered me before, He’ll do it again,

I will trust Him as I did many times before.

God is faithful and He shows me the way,

Living water He directs me to.

I take a drink and my heart is revived,

My soul is refreshed with every drop.

Even though I walk in the hot expanse,

Despite being in the wastes, I won’t despair.

For my God is always with me,

Leading me through is my Lord.

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