What Are You Planting?

Those Who Sin Differently

Within the United States, approximately 2% of the population is employed in the farming industry.  While this is percentage is substantially less than it was a century ago, these farmers provide even more food (in total) than their predecessors.


Because of this lower percentage, though, many believe that the knowledge of how farming works (that is, where food comes from) is diminishing among the general population.  I admit that – with my background – it’s a little difficult for me to wrap my mind around how someone might not know how a seed is planted in the soil, grows into a plant, and is harvested.  But, that’s mainly because I grew up in a rural part of the country, in a community surrounded by farms that would grow crops in rich soil from the Mississippi river floodplain.  Furthermore, my family annually grows plants in small gardening plots in the backyard, despite our living in…

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