Mourn with those who Mourn

A dear friend of mine lost his father to cancer just a few short weeks ago. When I first heard the news of his decline, I went straight to prayer. I declared healing, I begged for more time, I asked God to just do SOMETHING. Anything. I couldn’t imagine my friend losing his father. Nor could I imagine the world without the bright light that his father was. But as I prayed and the days passed, it seemed like God was silent. I didn’t understand. This man was so wonderful. He just couldn’t die.

In the end, my friends father passed away peacefully. I understand that death is apart of life. But as I sat in the pew as my friend gave a powerful message about the beautiul way his father lived his life, I couldn’t help but ask God WHY.

Why my friends dad?
Why NOW?
Why this delightful…

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