Serving God in the mundane

Shine a little light on our dark world...

Whenever I think of making a change or spreading the Word, I always imagine it to have to be a big task- maybe on a stage, giving a talk to thousands; a huge platform with hundreds of followers; a well- trained speaker… But to be honest, that’s not everyone’s calling. Yes, there are some who have that as their calling, but do you need to only fit in that category to serve Christ?

The simple answer- No. You can be serving God in the smallest moments of your life, wherever you are, in whatever way you can. Serving your family daily – cooking, cleaning, raising children, taking care of your family and spouse- each may seem like just another chore, but by doing this with a loving heart, you are serving God in the mundane. For all those times that I feel I may need an attitude adjustment in a…

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