Work is a Gift of God

Feelings About Work

Do you enjoy the work that you do?  Some people actually enjoy the things they do, while others long for Friday because that would mean the work week is over.  What is the purpose of work?

Reasons to Work

Some people view work as means of survival.  If we do not work, we don’t get paid and we would be unable to provide for ourselves.  Other people view work as a means of occupying one’s time.  Whether we like to admit it or not, to not have a job is awfully boring.

The Strain of Work

There are still others that view work as something evil.  That is because of the stress that work sometimes causes.  So much stress in fact, that it can even cause people to be sick both physically and mentally.  Furthermore, work also has the ability to ruin relationships as well.  If we allow ourselves to be consumed with out work, it can distract us from the things that matter, like our families for example.

The Truth about Work

With all these negative things about work, one would think that work is a sin.  This notion is far from the truth.  In today’s video, I will read a devotional from “The NIV Once a Day Devotional for Men,” and discuss how the true nature of work can change our view of work and actually enjoy doing what we do.  May you be encouraged by this devotional as I was.  Below are links, in the form of images, to other devotionals that you might like to read as well.  God Bless.

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