Fountain of Life

Daily Thankful

I came across this verse from the Psalm 36 this evening, and this passage fairly jumped off the page at me:

What a powerful image, this Fountain of Life. A fountain quenches thirst and promotes a sense of calm; God does these things for us, but His water –no doubt, the “living water” Jesus alluded to when speaking to the woman at the well –completely transforms us from the inside out.

Put another way, God is both the origin and sustainer of all life – physically, spiritually, and eternally. He is also the source of unapproachable light. There is no darkness in Him; the Bible attests to this truth, too.

He is eternal (source of life)and He is good (eternal light). Consequently, He is eternally good! Powerful stuff, no?

Try not to think about it for too long, or else your brain may start to hurt. 😉

Dear Lord, I…

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