Do You Hear Me Lord? Christ Jesus Ministries

This poem was written from a place in my life that once could seem dark. But God! Hope you enjoy, join us every Sunday for another poem!

A Cry From A Dark Place”

Lord do you hear when this place seems so dark?

In my ignorance I cry out asking, 

But ignorance is the dark place, 

So comfort come!

I seek to hear your voice,

I also cry from a place of light,

Your Word is wisdom.

It is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my pathway.

So as I’m in this time of pressing,

Lord remind me that your light shines bright.

Times seem dark, as I seek hearing and there’s no answer.

Your Word says you’re there in the dark,

So Lord remind me, that your only birthing.

I will fight the good fight,

Of faith that is!

So fear be gone, and light…

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