Going on the Path to Life

The path I’m given is rough,

Full of rocks are on the trail I take.

The road I travel is narrow,

Difficult to get through is the way.

Yet there’s an easier way to go,

A wide and clear road is an option.

But I won’t go on this trail,

This easy street I will not tread.

For this road leads only to death,

Life is found only in the narrow way.

Stumble I may on this life path,

On this road to life, I will fall.

But I’m not alone on the journey,

On this trek, I have help.

My Lord is with me to lift me up,

To hold my hand, Jesus is by my side.

I will take the rough path with boldness,

The wide trail of death I’ll abstain.

I’ll choose to follow my Christ,

The road to oblivion, I will avoid.

Life is the place I long to be,

My course is set upon my Christ.

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