Finding Joy by Turning Around

Cold Waters to a Thirsty Soul

Sometimes, all it takes to find great JOY is simply to turn around.

That is what Mary Magdalene did! She was grieving and weeping.

And then, she heard the Saviour call her:

Yahushua (Jesus) said unto her, “Mary.” She turned herself, and said unto Him, “Rabboni!” which is to say, Master. (John 20:16)

We can imagine that Mary was overjoyed at seeing Yahushua. She was the first person to see Him after He rose from the dead. What great delight she must have felt when she turned around! What a wonderful privilege to be the first to see the risen Master!

But what would have happened if she had not turned around when He called her name?

What if she had continued to sit there, wrapped up in her grieving and weeping, and ignored His call to her? What if she had not turned to see Him? She would…

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