The Fathers House

niqolet lewis

The Pastor
He calls me
I haven’t answered in 3 years
But still
he calls me
Every couple of months
looking for this lost sheep
And he won’t let go
I’ll carry that weight back home
the lightness I found
in the white canvas tent
on top of that mountain
that overlooks the valley
With carpets laid down on the grass
on sacred ground
You laid hands on me
baptised me in fire
told me things
no one could know
Black roads slick with frost
Carry me home
’cause I got a love that keeps me waiting
and he said he knew the man
that would carry the weight of my world
bring me four boys
and a life worth living
That he could take me higher
and set my soul on fire
I never asked about the man
but the Pastor
he always seems to know
just when

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