Time is Running Out

Time is nearly up for this fallen world,

For this wicked earth, the clock’s ticking.

The Lord is coming to bring judgement,

His wrath is on its way to consume all.

Upon the wicked, He will condemn,

Punishment is coming upon all who rebel.

Yet God offers mercy to this fallen earth,

Upon sinful mankind, He provides grace.

He has given us a way to escape His wrath,

A path away from His anger, the Lord provides.

The way to salvation is found in Jesus,

Only Christ can save us from death.

Man’s power can’t save him from God,

Salvation isn’t found in human wisdom.

Good deeds can’t shield us from His wrath,

God’s anger isn’t deflected by human knowledge.

Let’s stop trying to save ourselves,

Let us embrace the Lord Jesus and be saved.

We must do this as soon as possible,

In haste, let us come to Him.

The sands of time are running out,

The final countdown has come upon us.

The wrath of God is coming,

Approaching quickly is the Lord’s anger.

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