The Law of Liberty

J Craig Bowers

Timeless truths on the Law of Liberty. It really is an oxymoron to say “the Law of Liberty.” Because when we think of the law, we don’t think of liberty. We think just the opposite. We think of confinement, restriction. But the Truth of God’s word sets people free from the enslavement to sin. The Bible bring liberty and grace.

Here’s how the “Law of liberty” works. It is like a mirror that reveals the truth about you. If you take note of what you see and then respond appropriately, you have liberty. However, if you look in the “Law of liberty” and forget what it teaches you, then you continue to be deceived and enslaved.

You would not think of beginning the day without looking in the mirror to ensure everything that can be fixed is taken care of to the best of your ability. Why would you consider…

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