Throw Out Spiritual Garbage

The Heavy Burden

We can no longer remain as the people that we were before Christ, the moment we accepted Him as our Lord and Savior.  That is because that person is weighed down by the damaged caused by our sin.  They are like a sprinter trying to win a race wearing ankle weights, wrist weights and a heavy pack; it is impossible, no matter how hard they try, to run their race and succeed with such a heavy burden.

Dealing with Spiritual Garbage

In order for a new believer to succeed in their walk, it is important for them to conduct a spiritual house cleaning.  They must reflect and consider the things that they have in their hearts that would hinder them from being faithful.  Such things could include things like pride, selfishness, or secret sins.  Once they discover this spiritual garbage in themselves, they must, without pause, cast it away from their presence.

Not Taking Out the Garbage

Throwing out spiritual garbage is not an easy task.  That is because we have been so used to the garbage that we think that it is a part of who we are.  However, as long as we keep it, we will never be able to reach our full potential in Christ.

The Right Relationship

How can we throw out the spiritual garbage that clutters our soul?  It is all about the what we value most.  In this YouTube Devotional, I read from “The NIV Once a Day Devotional for Men,” we discuss how a Christian can successfully remove the trash that is in our hearts.  We will discover that the key to freeing oneself of this weight is valuing the Lord above all other things. Below this video are image links to other devotionals that I think you would enjoy.  May the Lord God Bless you in all things.

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