Seeing the Life of Jesus with Fresh Eyes

Theology in Motion

Jesus was the most captivating person who ever lived.

If I’m honest, though, I think a lot about Jesus’ death and resurrection without giving as much thought to His life. But to skip over His life is to neglect the majority of the material in the Gospels!

A careful reading of the Gospels reveals that Jesus had a dynamic personality and even a sense of humor! Yet our descriptions of Jesus are often bland, mild, and worst of all: inaccurate.

This has to change. It’s time for Christians to see Jesus with fresh eyes. Here’s a look at three areas of Jesus’ life that might help you in this.

Jesus Had a Sense of Humor

I’ve heard it said that the Gospels never record Jesus smiling or laughing so He must have been serious all the time. But there are a few places where Jesus seems to be telling a…

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