Safety in the Tempest

The storm is heavy upon me,

I’m beat down by the tempests of life.

Yet, I am made safe from the storm,

Against the mighty tempest, I’m secure.

The squall of life is strong against me,

I am pelted by the rain that it brings.

But I’m sheltered against its winds,

A shield is provided against the torrents.

Who’s my defender in the tempest,

Against the storm, who is my protector?

Security in the squall is found in Christ,

In Jesus, I’m safe against the world’s torrents.

I come to my Messiah when obstacles come,

When hardship strikes, I go to my Savior.

Daily, I’ll go to my King of Kings,

The Lord of Lords, I will seek daily.

For He is my Rock in the storm,

In the tempest, He is my anchor.

In God, I will never stumble,

I won’t fall when I’m  with the Almighty.


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