Two Become One

The Orange Mailman

Two Become One

The text is Matthew 19:3-12. The subject is marriage and divorce. The series is called The Tax Collector’s Guide to Fulfilled Prophecy. I have been working through the gospel of Matthew and exploring every time Matthew quotes or refers to the law and prophets. Many times a quotation from the scriptures reveals something in the way of prophecy, and the way prophecy is fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. This particular post, however, will focus on how Jesus used the old testament scriptures to teach about marriage, divorce, and even sexuality. There is a parallel passage in Mark 10:2-12 which is worth comparing.

The power of the teaching of Jesus rests in how He quotes the scripture directly without trying to alter it in any way. Jesus had been teaching about marriage, divorce, and sexuality for some time before this encounter with the Pharisees. In Matthew…

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