Discipline of Purity

The Maker's Marksmen

The cultural climate of our modern society is far from bright and sunny and it would even seem that the church is plummeting into darkness, right along with the culture they’re embracing. The city of Corinth was widely known as an immoral city where someone could indulge in any luxury their pockets could afford them.

“It is not every man who can afford a journey to Corinth…” -Ancient Greek Proverb

Corinth was home to the temple of Aphrodite where hundreds of prostitutes sold themselves daily in the name of religion. Indulging in fleshly activities was considered normal, and the moral decay of society was widely accepted and embraced. Should we be surprised that the church would have such an open struggle with morality?

The modern church is privileged to live in a time of such great technological advancement. Yet it ironically seems that with such great technological progress comes a…

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