Wash Yourself

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The husband-wife, Christ-Church metaphor is one that occur several times in the bible, where Christ is referred to as the husband and the Church represented the wife. As this turbulent love relationship unfolds, we see it starting from eternity, sealed on the cross, to be formalized at the marriage supper of the lamb, and spilling yet into eternity.

One famous Jewish custom called “Sanctification of the Bride” is done on all Jewish brides in preparation for nuptials. The bride is immersed fully into a body of water, washed, purified, perfumed and adorned in beautiful apparels in a bid to set her apart or sanctify her for her husband. A Jewish wedding is not complete until mikveh is thoroughly observed.

This symbolic gesture foreshadows the real cleansing our Lord Jesus, who is the husband to the church, expects from us as individual Christians and as a church. As dirt is washed…

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