First Reading of Judges: 18, Unholy Conquest

Judges 18-1

Because of the utter moral failure of Israel after the death of Joshua, God never allowed portions of the Promised Land to be fully occupied by the Israelites.  The Israelites intermarried with Canaanites and adopted the customs and idol-worship of Canaan.  Israelites gave their favor to false gods, so God removed his favor from Israel.  They broke their covenant with God, and so God has not yet allowed them to receive their covenant promise.  Make sense?

Five Danites & A Fake Priest Walk Into an Idolater’s House
The tribe of Dan has had difficulty subduing the native Canaanites in their promised allotment, and at the start of chapter 18, we meet five Danites on a scouting mission to find some land where they can settle.  Micah (from chapter 17) welcomes these Danites into his home for some hospitality and rest.  The men ask Micah’s Levite who he is…

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