My Bible Has A Heartbeat

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Since I turned my life over to Jesus Christ about six months ago, I’ve been in the Word on a daily basis (sometimes multiple times within a day) and I’ve had the suspicion that the Bible is a “living” document.  I have monthly Bible Reading Challenge journals that direct me to “somewhere” in the bible each day to read, and then journal about it.

On way more than one occasion (actually, nearly always), wherever I was directed to in the Bible, it unequivocally related to what was happening in my life – either it pertained to the very day before, but most times it pertained to that very day!  Seriously?!  Of course!  God knows everything, about everyone, before they even know it.  It amazes me how he directs and guides me each day and, in being a relatively new Christ Follower, I didn’t put the puzzle pieces together as quickly as someone else…

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