RE: The ‘Old Testament God’

Letters From Mima

Dear God,

I know this is strange, but I think it might be a good idea. It’s a way to get me to talk to you a bit more, and to think a bit more about you, and the things you’ve said. Of course, publishing letters to you online is a weird thing to do, and it kind of involves laying my heart and soul out for everyone to see… but I think I should do it anyway. I think it’s what you want.

I know people will think this is weird. People think believing in you is weird, nowadays. I know people like to pretend they’re all very tolerant and accepting, but I’ve been mocked more for being a Christian than some of my gay friends have been mocked for being gay.

Obviously, being mocked for either of those things is ridiculous. Being mocked for anything at all is…

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