We are the Kingdom of God

We’re called to be the House of God,

The Lord has made us His abode.

His dwelling is within us,

Our heart is the foundation on which He builds.

The Lord founded His Kingdom upon us,

A beautiful realm in His people He has made.

We are called to work with the Almighty,

It’s His will that we partake in His work.

But the task is too much for us,

We are overwhelmed by its vastness.

Doubt begins to creep into our hearts,

Our limits make us despair in the work.

But our Father comes to our side,

Encouragement He gives when we worry.

He encourages us to trust in His provision,

To those who rely on Him comes infinite resources.

For God knows the way we ought to work,

His Divine Plan, He reveals to His people.

Let’s place our hope in the Master Builder,

To the Divine Contractor, we will listen.

Whatever He says, let’s obey faithfully,

Let us obey His commands with diligence.

When we do, the Kingdom in us grows,

His realm is established in us when we trust in Him.

Let us reflect the Kingdom in our lives,

Daily, let’s reveal His Divine Realm to the world.

Let us honor the Almighty with our work,

By our faith, may we bring glory to our God.


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