A beautiful picture from the Old Testament

One Hired Late In The Day

It has been my observation that many Christians find the Old Testament intimidating or unrelatable.  It is a shame, really, because the Old Testament is full of glorious truths: revelations of God’s attributes, and pictures or foreshadows of His glorious plan of salvation.  Having a good understanding of the Old Testament increases the richness of the New Testament, and it is only when we are continually in the Word that we begin to see the overarching themes of scripture as a whole.  This is accomplished when we read all of the Bible, not just excerpts; not just the New Testament.  

Yesterday, in his sermon covering the first 14 verses of chapter 9 in the book of Hebrews, my pastor reminded me of a beautiful gospel picture from the Old Testament.  I felt that it was worth repeating here so my readers could benefit too.  Let’s take a look at…

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