Mystery of Faith

Seasons of the Soul

When our middle son, Keenan, was four, I overheard him discussing theology with his friend Zachary.

“God is the father, Jesus is the son, and the Holy Spirit is the mother, no, that’s not it….the sister…cause Mary is the mother!”

Sounded like an Appalachian family reunion! After Zachary left, Keenan came into the kitchen and frustratedly exclaimed, “Everybody says you can talk to God, but he never talks back! Hi God…….SEE??”

How do you answer that? I’m sure I said something about God saying hello to us in the beauty of the flowers, the feeling of the breeze through your hair, and the hug of your mama…but I don’t think it satisfied him much, nor does it satisfy me even to this day. That’s where faith comes in.

Those of you who have raised children know how they challenge your faith and start forging their own paths from the time…

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