No Wonder God Didn’t Answer Her Prayer

Bible Prayer Fellowship

pexels-photo1Without dependable natural laws, the world would be so chaotic no one could survive.  The same applies to the power and laws of God. They must be absolutely dependable, too. How chaotic would life be if people could dismiss God and get by with it?,

“Why doesn’t God help me?”

Her prayers had become like spinning a fortune wheel hoping for good luck. She forgot she was talking to the God, the supreme authority. Who is this great God? How well do you know Him?

“Why doesn’t God help me?” she sobbed.

I had no idea. She was a stranger. In our brief phone conversation I learned that she was in her early twenties. Her boyfriend had broken up with her. Now she desperately wanted him back.

“Did you violate your conscience in your relationship with him?” I probed.

“Well, yes. We were living together. He says he’s getting a…

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