We went in search of you…

Julie Wilkinson, Storyteller

IMG_3565We went in search of you,
Wild and elemental,
At home in the storm,
With feet that walk waves.

And we found you.
In sand-blasted skin
And salt-tanged lips,
In sun-beaten cheeks
And sea-sprayed hair,
In briny-deep swell
And wood-sweet smoke.
In grit between our teeth.

We went in search of you, IMG_3683
Spirit and creator,
Bidder of oceans,
Wilderness wanderer.

And we found you.
In swallows’ nest
And rock-pool weed,
In basking seals
And pebble beach,
In wide expanse
And sinking-sun glow.
In puffin’s clumsy gait.

We went in search of you,19399003_10154429649171805_4509297819737855616_n
Incarnate and relational,
Caller of all
To hallowed community.

And we found you.
In a bunkhouse
And in love that held our children,
In the arms of beach-met friends
And in nights of gin-soaked laughter
Carrying us past the stars to first light’s dawn,
In broken bread and sun-warmed wine.
In gathering around the table.

We went in…

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