Loved by God Am I

I am the Lord’s beloved,

Loved by the Almighty God am I.

He came looking for me,

He searched for me with diligence.

He took me and made me clean,

My sin, My God removed from me.

He is my shield against all harm,

From evil, my King saved me.

But there were times I left His side,

His love, I turned and forsook.

I sought provision elsewhere,

I desired sustenance from others.

But my pursuits left me empty,

My heart was unsatisfied and void.

Would my God take me back,

After leaving Him, would He accept me?

I come to Him with face bowed down,

With broken heart, I return to the King.

The Lord showers me with grace,

His mercy, He pours on my soul.

He takes my wounds and heals them,

My pain, He takes away from me.

But the scars He leaves to remind me,

I’m rebuked by the marks left behind.

Never again will I leave my God,

The One who loves me, I’ll never forsake.

I’ll love Him as He loved me,

My devotion will be only for Him.

For I’m the Lord’s beloved,

Loved I am by the Almighty God.

#Christianity #Poetry #Forgiveness #Love #God #Love #Mercy #Repentance #Worship #Praise


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