Jesus Totally Destroys the Tempter

Tale Told

The temptation of Christ, as it relates to His miracles, shows the difference between the ordinate and the inordinate, revealing the faults of sin. Nothing the devil usurps to incentivize Christ into sin is in of itself sinful. Satan preys upon Christ’s bodily hunger, His faith in the Father, and His right to rule.

I think it was C. S. Lewis who first turned me onto the idea, it may have been in his book Miracles, that when Christ fed the multitudes He made bread from bread. That is, instead of making the bread from dead stone as Satan suggested, He made more bread in the manner that nature creates more bread, say that Jesus did it much faster.

It is a beautiful image, Christ breaks the bread—remember, He is the bread of life—and, as he feeds His hungry followers, instead of there being less there is more. So…

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