A Faithful Friend

A True Friend

What is a definition of a good friend?  Such a person is always there to help when you face difficulties.  They also correct you and give you advice when you are going in the wrong direction.  Having a good friend in life is valuable indeed.

No Friends for Men

However among men, the idea of having a close friend like the one just described is a foreign concept.  While men may have guys they hang out with or play sports with, they do not have someone that they feel comfortable telling their dreams and their fears.  They feel that they don’t need a person like that and whatever problems they face, they can handle it on their own.

We all Need Friends

Such thinking is foolish indeed.  There is old saying that I believe is very true : “No Man’s an Island.”  Everyone needs a close friend, even the strongest man in the world needs someone to support them when things get rough.

A Friend to Walk with Us

Having a close friend is vital, especially in our walk with God.  In this video from our YouTube Channel, I read a devotional from The NIV Once a Day Devotional for Men  and discuss the importance of having a close friend to walk with us as we walk on the path which the Lord has given to us to walk on.  After the video are some links to some books that discuss the importance of friendship.  Click on the book you want to know more about and how to get it.  May the Lord bless you in all that you do.

Like this song called Brother from NeedToBreathe?  Click on this link to get this inspiring song about Christian brotherhood.  Click on the album below to get more worship songs from NeedToBreathe and may they inspire you as they inspired me.

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