Thanks to my Amazing God

Thanks to God, I’m made strong,

For giving me strength, I honor Him.

Thanks to the Almighty, I’m safe from harm,

For my security, I give praise to my King.

Thanks to the Prince of Peace, I’m blessed,

For my salvation, I glorify my Savior.

For all things, I sing thanks to Him,

I give God glory for all His provision.

In the name of the Lord, I put my trust,

My faith is grounded in the King of Kings.

How awesome is the name of the Lord,

His name is too amazing to say.

For the Almighty is righteous in all things,

His justice surpasses any law of man.

The Holy King gives His love unconditionally,

His grace overcomes the darkest sin.

He is the Savior of my soul,

God has delivered me from death.

How wonderful are the Lord’s blessings,

He has given me all that is good.

I will sing of my awesome God,

To my amazing Lord, I’ll pour out thanks.

#Christian #Grace #Poetry #Love #Mercy #Thanksgiving #Worship #Praise #AwesomeGod

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