My Other Half

I search for her night and day,

Every nook and cranny I seek her.

For the one I’ll call my own,

The one who’s my other half I look for.

I desire a friend who’ll be with me for life,

The one I seek is the one I’ll call wife.

My heart is shrouded in loneliness,

Sadness takes root within my soul.

I seek answers from the Lord,

The Almighty reveals the truth to me.

That my searching is meaningless,

Pointless are all my pursuits.

For He has already found the one,

My other half, God has set apart for me.

So I’ll wait for Him to bring her,

I’ll be patient until He presents her to me.

Then the day came that God revealed her,

He opened my eyes to behold my spouse.

I praise the Lord for He meets my needs,

My God made me whole and I give thanks.

#God #Poetry #Christian #Hope #Love #Prayer #Marriage #Patience #Thanks #Trust #Wife


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