The Praying Hands of a Grandmother

Adonai is my Shepherd

The Praying Hands of a Grandmother.  A great poem and a great example of how to pray for our children and grandchildren.


There were tiny flutters of a heartbeat.
Before each child was born,
She prayed.

With joy,
As the little fingers clasped her hand,
She prayed.

She asked for strength.
She gave her thanks.
She unburdened her fears and worries.

Her children were unaware
Of her many times of prayer:
– For their safety and protection,
– For their health
– For their education.

Her most important prayer
Was that they 
Would love God.

In the stressful periods,
When she couldn’t find the words,
God understood her heart
And her voiceless prayers were heard.

Her children moved away.
They led their own lives.
From a distance,
She prayed.

Times when the family
Came together for celebration
Were always special.
She rejoiced in her grandchildren,
She blessed them.

She asked…

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