What’s the value of the Old Testament?

Under the Tree

creake.jpgI’ve been wondering recently about the importance of the Old Testament. I think it’s become quite popular to harp on about how all of Scripture speaks of Jesus, and so we should teach and preach the whole Bible. I don’t disagree – I just wonder what everyone means by that.

Because there’s more than one way of understanding an Old  Testament passage. Do we attempt to read the text understanding what would’ve been understood at the time? Do we make allowances for the later revelation we have in the New Testament? Do we look to the New Testament to interpret the Old for us? Do we expect the Old Testament to be a shadow of what only the New Testament fully reveals?

Given that the Old Testament comprises around three quarters of the Bible, finding answers to these questions seems worthwhile!

But something I’ve noticed – and I’ll admit, am…

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