Giving God Your Best

A Monk’s Story

I remember a story I heard about a monk who lived in a monastery.  Each monk at this monastery had a given task to do.  Some monks had the job of making copies of the Bible; others were given the job of going out and feeding the poor; and other monks were called to lead worship during church service.  As for the monk of this story, his job was washing dishes.  Even though this job was not as glamorous as feeding the poor or leading worship, he washed dishes with all his might and took joy in the work that he did.

Waiting for your Calling

There come times in our lives when we have to do a job that we don’t really like.  We don’t like it because we feel that this is not the work that we are called to do.  Yet, we do the work begrudgingly, saying to ourselves, “This is only temporary, for one day God will give me my calling.”   However, what if that “calling” you are waiting for does not come?  What if the ministry that you are called to do is the very job that you despise?  What do you do in such a situation?

Doing your Best

Let us consider the story of the dish washing monk.  He probably did not aspire to be a dish washer, but he took the job and did his very best at it.  In this video devotional from our Call2Witness YouTube Channel, I read a devotional from The NIV Once a Day Devotional for Men and discuss the importance of giving God your best in all things; even in the jobs that are not to your liking.

More About Giving Your Best

Want to learn more about how to give God your best, check out these books that talk more about the subject.  Just click on the images below and learn about these inspiring books.  Below these books is a beautiful from Hillsong Called “Lord I Give You My Heart.”  May the Lord bless you and inspire you to give your best in all that you do.

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