Heeding the Lord’s Order

The order has been sent,

God has given His command.

We move forward into the frontier,

To unknown places we march.

We’re sent to free slaves of sin,

To break their bondage we’re called.

We’re the army of the Living God,

The Almighty’s Witnesses we are called.

The frontier is full of dangers,

Many challenges we face in the unknown.

But with Christ, we’ll overcome,

Our foes are crushed before the Lord.

The battles we face will be fierce,

Great will be the conflicts we’ll meet.

But victory is ours when the dust settles,

As the smoke clears, Christ’s banner will stand.

Therefore, we’ll heed the order that’s sent,

The command of God we will obey.

Let the liberation from sin begin,

May freedom in Christ ring in all the earth.

Let us march with  boldness,

With courage, we will press on.

For our Savior has given us success,

Victory is assured in our Redeemer.

#God #Christianity #Poetry #Evangelism #Mission #Worship #Faith #Freedom

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