Live Loved

Three Iron Nails

“Do not worry about your life… Do not seek what you should eat or what you should drink, nor have an anxious mind.”

[Luke 12:22; 29]

Loved by the Great Giver

Accumulation of wealth is a popular defense against fear. Since we fear losing our jobs, health care, or retirement benefits, we amass possessions, thinking the more we have, the safer we are…

We engineer stock and investment levies, take cover behind the hedge of hedge funds. We trust annuities and pensions to the point that balance statements determine our mood levels. But then come the Katrina-level recessions and downturns, and the confusion begins all over again…

If there were no God, stuff-trusting would be the only appropriate response to an uncertain future. But there is a God. And this God does not want his children to trust money…

Scrooge didn’t create the world; God did.

Psalm 104 celebrates this…

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