The Garden Tomb

Patterns for Living

The last place we visited is perhaps the most important place in all of Israel. The tomb is in the middle of a vineyard, including a large wine press from the first century AD. The tomb has two rooms, with only one place for a body to be laid. It also has no body niches, small pit or hole for the bones. The other room apparently had several benches, which have since been destroyed. There is a track for the stone is there to see, although the stone that was rolled away is gone.

The Garden Tomb The Garden Tomb

Inside the Garden Tomb Inside the Garden Tomb

Early Christians (3rd century) left an inscription on the wall, indicating “alpha and omega.” These early Christians believed this to be the place where Jesus was buried. Of course, the most important of all is that Jesus is not here, for He is risen!

Alpha & Omega Inscription Alpha & Omega Inscription

First Century Wine Press First…

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