Let Them Cry

Broken to Abundant

I very well might come off as the meanest mom ever in this post… Please know that I love my kids very much.

That being said…

I’m okay with my kids not being happy. I’m totally fine with them crying. And I’m not afraid to cause the unhappiness or tears. You wanna pout? Go for it!

Why am I this way? I don’t want entitled kids. I don’t want kids that act out and expect to get whatever they want. In our house, not everyone gets a trophy. They’re expected to work hard, be respectful and kind, and to accept that we don’t always get what they want in life – to be grateful for what they have.

Living in a single income household (even with my oil business and book royalties, we are still largely a single income home), they have learned that they don’t always get the top…

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