Pilate Rebuked


The crowd yelled, “Barabbas,” louder and louder still.
“I find no fault in him,” I shouted back, but I could not even hear myself against the cries of the crowd.
The man called Jesus turned to me.  “All this is as it must be,” he said.  I knew not how I could hear his words and not my own.
“How? Why? How could you submit yourself?”
“It is as it must be.  Wash your hands of it.”
“You will be crucified.”
“Crucify him!” came the shouts from the crowd.
“Why do you let this happen when you are not guilty of the charges?”
“This is the cup I must drink.”
“And you would do it willingly?”
“I must.”
“Crucify him!” the cry came from the crowd below.  He nodded.
And off they went.

Luke 23:13-25 Morning Prayer

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