My Battle with Trust and Faith

One thought on “My Battle with Trust and Faith

  1. I remember it says in the Bible Jesus did not trust himself to man because he knew what was in man.

    In my life, I trusted family members to be there for me with encouraging words when I shared my feelings and problems. I found out how foolish that was. Most of them said the wrong things, which made me feel worse. Many didn’t understand me. They jumped to conclusions before I was even finished speaking. They judged me by their measure of what they thought I should be.

    Joyce Meyer says to share your troubles with God alone, if you can. I have found this the best course to follow. I think we all expect too much from each other. We think people will understand and help us, but that is not usually true.

    One thing about therapy is that you can open up to a professional who sees what you need and won’t criticise you, and is open to what you say.


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