Fulfilled in Christ

Worldly wealth has no worth,

No value does earthly status possess.

Wealth fades away in time,

Fame blows in the wind of eternity.

What can fill the emptiness of man,

The hollow man, who can satisfy?

Only the love of Christ can fill us,

The grace of Jesus can satisfy the void.

In Him is wealth that never fades,

Success in Him endures the wind of time.

I will make my Savior my goal,

My course is set on my Redeemer.

For in Jesus, there is true value,

Filling peace is found in Christ alone.

One thought on “Fulfilled in Christ

  1. This is a good post. Jesus teaches us that if we bind ourselves to worldly possessions then we will essentially miss the greater rewards waiting for us in Heaven. We need to let go of our worldly possessions in order to gain greater things through Christ.


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