Thinking for God

Good Internet

The internet has become an integral part for many people.  We use it to communicate to people from other parts of the world.  Without the internet, it would be difficult for us share information or learn about things that are outside our zone of influence.  When used the right way, the world wide web can help us expand our knowledge.

A Right Way and A Wrong Way

However, the internet, like any form of technology, is a tool that can be used correctly or incorrectly.  If used the right way, it can produce positive results that are beneficial to us and to those who are in our community.  However, if we decide to abuse this tool, it can cause harm to not just ourselves, but to those who are in our sphere of influence.

Beware of Distractions

As followers of Christ, we need to be careful in how we use the internet.  There are many things that can be found on the net that can easily distract us in our faith walk.    How can we honor the Lord as we surf the web and live life in such a technology rich environment?  In this video devotional from our Call2Witness YouTube Channel, I read from the NIV Once-A-Day Devotional for Men and discuss how we can live our lives right for God in a world that is full of distractions and how to avoid them.

Learning More

If you want to learn more about how to have a God-Based mindset, check out the affiliate images below of books that talk about the subject.  Also, please enjoy this music video of Nicole Nordeman’s “Brave”  and may it encourage you in your walk with the Lord.  May the Lord guide you in all that you do.

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