Trust the Process

positively pure

If you follow sports you have probably heard about the Sixers chant, “trust the process.” I personally don’t follow sports, but I overheard my campers chant this during a rigorous game of tennis baseball and I immediately fell in love with it. I said it all week in regards to EVERYTHING. This is a chant we should all use in our lives—especially in the development of strong faith.

Take a moment to identify a current “process” you’re persevering through (it probably takes up 80% of your mental energy and prayer). Your “process” is rooted in a determined will to gain some essential “good.” For the Sixers, it’s a victory in the NBA. For you, it might be a better job or employment status, waiting for God to put the man/woman of your dreams into your life, pushing through college to get your dream job, anything.

Whatever it is, your…

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