The Broken Man Made Whole

Behold the broken man,

Shattered beyond recognition is he.

He is a man without hope,

Darkness and despair, his friends.

He lies alone in the dark,

In the void, separated from all is he.

The broken man prays for healing,

For wholeness, he pleads in the dark.

The Lord hears his prayers,

His pleas reach the Almighty’s ears.

Slowly, his body is restored,

Piece by piece is he made whole.

Steadily, his mind is healed,

From the chaos, peace is regained.

Inch by inch, his soul is made well,

From despair, God gives him comfort.

The restored man weeps for joy,

In happiness the whole man cries.

For he knows he is not alone,

Not separated in the darkness is he.

He knows that God loves him,

The Lord cares for him He does.

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