How Prayer Helps Me Cope With Anxiety

Lyfe Sux Blog

I have a very close relationship with God. I’m not super religious, but I rely on the outcomes of my life to stem from God. Sometimes…well, most of the time anxiety gets the best of me. Medications and therapy can only do so much. I figure, if God can create every human being, the stars, and the ocean, he can take away my anxious thoughts. When I have an anxiety episode, that’s exactly what I do, pray.

Everyone who suffers from anxiety and depression handles theirs different. But I wonder if those who are spiritual/religious pray constantly for nagging annoying thoughts to leave their mind. If I were to ask random people if they pray away their issues, how many will say yes? I’ve been a true believer of the power of prayer. No, it’s not magic spells that wipe away problems. It’s simply faith in the unseen and knowing…

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