Being Men of God

Defining a Man

What does it mean to be a man?  Popular culture defines a man as someone who takes the initiative.  They are strong and do not require the help of others when they face a crisis.  A man, according to the world, is someone who strives to be successful in all that they do and will stop at nothing until they have completed their objectives.

God’s Definition

Now that we have the world’s definition of what a man is, what is God’s definition of a man?  Already, the world’s view of manhood is in direct opposition of how a man of God should be.  First of all, a man after God’s own heart recognizes that they have limits to what they can and can’t do.  They identify that they need God to help them overcome many of the challenges that they face.  At the same time, they understand their need for community and that no man can stand alone.

How to be a Man of God?

In a world that is saturated with the worldly view of a man, how does a man of God seek out the qualities that God desires from them?  In the video devotional from our Call2Witness YouTube Channel, I read the final devotional from The NIV Once a Day Devotional for Men and describe the ways how Christian men can pursue the view of manhood that is after God’s own heart.

After the devotional are affiliate links in the form of images of books written by John Eldredge who offers more insight about being a man of God.  Please enjoy the music video of Toby Mac’s Me Without You.  May the Lord bless you in your pursuit of being a man after God’s heart.

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